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We have two products: the Toolset itself, and an additional product, Coyotemath™, which is a test use case for development of the Toolset.

Only fragments of the Toolset itself are usable at this time. Furthermore, we have not yet decided into what pieces the Toolset will be divided. Not everyone will require every part. In other words, it will become several separate products as it is brought to market. For now, only some bits are implemented in alpha and beta form.

Meanwhile, to avoid waiting until the 23rd Century to release the Toolset itself, we have created several other programs as a way of testing the Toolset features. Some are embedded systems, which depend on features supported by the Toolset, which are not needed by the Toolset itself; it is not certain that these will be released as separate products. We also have created Coyotemath, an interactive mathematics assistant, which is made available as a distinct product. Coyotemath tests the ability of the Toolset to develop code for smartphones; there will not be a smartphone version of the Toolset itself.

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