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Ulterior Logic is developing tools and technologies to extract high level logic from existing software systems, to re-engineer those systems based on high-level abstractions, and to re-write the code after re-engineering. We also are developing tools for software development at an abstract design level, rather than at a source code level.

Too often, working at the source code level obscures the intended and unintentional behaviour of systems. It's often a case of being unable to see the forest for the trees. Most tools do a poor job of giving visibility to the overall operation of systems. We aim to improve that.

Moreover, although it sometimes is necessary, it is at other times often unproductive to expend significant resources creating and maintaining source code. It's time for the industry to move away from source code to graphical and conceptual mechanisms for building software. We are crafting tools to facilitate that transition.

Our philosophy includes a bias toward using our own tools, bootstrapping the next generation of development environments by taking our own medicine. As much as possible, we want to release the tools which we, ourselves, use to create the tools, while staying one step ahead, in house, of what is released to the outside.

We also believe in a multi-platform approach. No only does that give our customers (and ourselves) a wider market for their products, it keeps us flexible and ready when the next technologies appear.

Additional details and announcements will appear here. Please return to this site, or write and ask to be added to our announcement list.

(We're looking for testers willing to help us validate these products. Let us know if you're interested.)

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